5 New Year Insurance Resolutions


Welcome 2019! If these years seem to go by fast, we agree.
But, as your trusted Insurance Agency, we want to make sure next year doesn’t breeze by without you considering the following goals related to your insurance.

Make Sure Your Coverage is Right

At LNIA, we think about insurance everyday. We know that doesn’t mean you are. However, we want to make sure you have peace of mind regarding your coverage so you can think about other things and feel secure. Whether home, auto, or anything else you want to cover, let us do an analysis of your insurance to make sure you don’t have any coverage gaps.

Try to Prevent Loss

Of course, the best way to not think about insurance is to prevent loss. You can make 2019 a year to keep your family, home(s), and automobile(s) as safe as possible. By preventative care and maintenance, emergency planning, and some common sense, we hope 2019 is claimless for you.

Have an Emergency Plan

The time for an emergency plan is not during an emergency. Take steps ahead of time to plan escape routes for fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Have a plan for power outages, freezing, and extreme heat if the air conditioner should fail. Make sure each person in the house knows the plan, their role, and the action for them to take.

Notify Your Insurer of Any Changes

Proper insurance coverage requires proper insurance information. When in doubt, give us a shout. Whether you’ve had a life change or bought a new car, home, or new toy, we want to know about it. That way, we’ll make sure you’re covered as soon as possible with the best coverage that will work for you and your budget.

Make Your Insurance Work For You

Your insurance can benefit you in many ways these days. Talk to us to find out what discounts or beneficial riders may apply to your situation. If there is a way to find you savings, LNIA will find it.

Have a fantastic 2019!!