Autumn Auto Prep

Is your car fit for fall

Autumn Vehicle Maintenance

Autumn is here. Breathe a sigh of relief.

Though we may not experience a sudden gust of cooler weather, we know it’s on the way.

We won’t have to crank up the A/C in our vehicle. We won’t have to worry about our tires melting on the road while at a stop light. We won’t have to wonder if our vehicle’s engine will spontaneously combust in traffic.

Texas summer is over.

But, before moving on, we may want to pause and give our vehicles a little attention before we get too comfortable. Consider doing the following to make it an awesome autumn for your auto.

Check Those Treads

Since the summer can take a toll on a vehicle, now is a good time to take a look at the wear and tear on your tires. Before the weather cools off and brings wet and possibly icy conditions, make sure the tread on your tires can handle the roads. Whether you are getting new tires or not, it’s good to have existing tires rotated. If needed, get an alignment. It doesn’t hurt to inspect your brakes while down there, either. Because colder weather makes tires lose pressure quicker, keep them properly inflated.

Level and Lube

We need proper fluids to function well, so does your vehicle. Have your trusted mechanic change your oil, check your antifreeze, wiper fluid, transmission fluid.

Keep it Moving

You want the ties that bind your car together to keep doing just that. Have your belts and hoses inspected to make sure cracking doesn’t cause your vehicle to break down when the real cold weather kicks in.

Repair and Replace 

Because colder, rainy weather can hasten deterioration of a vehicle’s exterior, now is the time for some good cosmetic touch up. Repair paint blemishes. Have your vehicle washed AND waxed. And since you can bring the exterior into the interior in the form of water and mud, replace old floor mats.

Paying a little attention to your vehicle after it worked hard this summer will help you get the performance you want from it when the weather finally dips.

In Texas, that should happen around November.