Going to the Chapel and We’re Going to Get Insured?

 Married Get Insurance

You think you insured the wedding by having it in June. After all, an old rhyme goes like this.

“Married in month of roses, June, life will be one long honeymoon.”

There’s no wonder why many brides-to-be stake their claim on a June wedding, making sure to book those churches and country clubs before they fill up. Who doesn’t want a prolonged honeymoon as they begin their marriage?

But, in the midst of planning for the wedding day, did you consider an insurance check-up to make sure you are both well insured? One thing is certain. Beyond the honeymoon, real life still requires protecting assets and providing for the unpredictable. Prince Charming and Cinderella will do well to think about what impact getting married will have on their insurance needs.

Renters/Home Insurance

You’ve cut the cake, jetted away for a week and returned. You’re feeling as bright as your suntan and in a blissful state. The last thing you want to think about is a house fire, flood or somebody burglarizing or vandalizing your new apartment or house. However, one way to lose your bliss is to leave your property uncovered.

Combining policies and making certain to adequately protect jewelry (including that recent rock on Cinderella’s finger), clothes, electronic devices and furniture through a single renter’s policy or home owners policy may keep the honeymoon going.

 Auto Insurance

Let’s face it. For most of us, that limousine ride to the hotel or airport wasn’t real life. You and your spouse will need to drive together and separately.

You used to ride solo, but now you’ve got another person’s insurance to think about, including their driving record. Has Prince Charming wrecked the horse-drawn carriage one too many times? Does Cinderella have a lead foot and too many tickets?

If so, your auto insurance rates may turn into a pumpkin. If the match is made in insurance Heaven, then combining auto policies into a single policy will work in your favor.

 Life Insurance

Happily Ever After is the goal. Sometimes life throws out the unpredictable. And if anything should ever happen to Prince Charming or Cinderella, you want to know you will continue to have financial protection to pay on the castle, carriage and other costs and commitments. Now that you both sport a new lifestyle, make sure it doesn’t have to stop in the worst-case scenario. Discuss your financial goals and back up plan with each other, and then consult your agent on the best way to arrive there.

For grandparents, parents or just good old-fashioned family friends with the means, when considering what to get the newlyweds, consider the gift of insurance instead of those gifts on the registry. While plates and cutlery are great for a party of twelve that may or may not happen, a gift of cash toward an insurance policy premium may prove more worthwhile when it comes to the unpredictable.

Here at Lisa Nickels Insurance Agency, we know about all types of scenarios. What we’ve seen over the years is an ounce of prevention taken early can protect against a flood of bad fortune later.

We urge young marrieds to take their insurance situation to heart, making it a necessary part of their wedding planning. Beyond the warm feelings from engagement to carrying the bride across the threshold of the home you now share, having the best insurance possible will help you both rest easy at night.

You may want to consider your insurance coverage as an act of love toward each other.