Is Your Vehicle Fit For Summer Travel?


The family vacation approaches along with the summer heat. When temperatures reach the high 90’s to 100’s, you make sure to take automobile of your most valuable people, your family. You make sure everyone hydrates, wears sunscreen and protects their feet with a sturdy pair of sandals or shoes.

What about your automobile? During the summer months, you want your vehicle to perform its best. Regardless of how far you travel, it’s a good idea to make sure your vehicle is up to the job.To size up your vehicle’s heat-readiness, treat your automobile like a person on vacation.

Keep It Cool

Think of the fluid you need on a hot day. Sweat evaporates, requiring more hydration. Your automobile depends on fluids (oil, coolant, radiator fluid) to keep parts from overheating on a cold day, so how much more important to keep the fluids full when facing the summer temps?

Air-conditioning is also the key to the comfort in the automobile. Since you’ll want to blast the AC as often as possible in order to feel human, make sure it performs as expected. You don’t want your air-conditioning to fail you in the middle of the hot months because rolling the windows down while driving during the summer feels like a hair dryer blowing on you.

Refresh Its Sole

When you can cook fajitas on the sidewalk, you know you’d better have some good soles under your shoes. When your automobile’s shoes are made of rubber and steel and traveling on scorching pavement, it’s not a bad idea to make certain they are ready for wear. Unless you plan to drive the family many miles in a high performance vehicle, you probably don’t have to worry about getting summer tires. However, your all-weather tires could use an evaluation before the heat kicks in. Make sure you have enough tread, look for excessive wear or damage. Keeping your tires at recommended air pressure also will help make for smooth traveling.

 Give It a Brake

Sometimes you need to just stop and take a break. That’s why you are vacationing in the first place. One way to make sure your automobile can take a break is making sure your vehicle has the ability to stop on a dime. The last place you want to find out you need new brakes is when you’re on vacation. Inspect them close to home, instead. If you can hear your brakes grinding, squealing or generally not sounding good, you want to consider having them replaced. You’ll thank yourself during those sudden stops that always seem to occur when you’re least expecting them.

Recharge Its Batteries

 It’s hard enough to make time to recharge our own batteries. Let’s face it. How often do we think about our automobile’s battery life? The summer heat can take a toll on your battery. Though it’s fun to meet strangers on vacation, it’s not fun for the family to have to depend on a stranger to jump the family automobile’s battery on a dark road during an all-night drive to Florida. Take the time to test your battery and replace if necessary.

Light Therapy

When headed toward your vacation spot, you know you have a beach chair with your name on it. Or maybe it’s a rocking chair on the porch of a mountain cabin. Either way, you can’t wait for a session of sitting in the sun and letting the stress melt away. As you drive toward a week of sunlight, make sure people on the road can see you. Brake lights, high beams, and low beams . . . you want to make sure everything is illuminated. Replace any failing or failed bulbs.

Give It Shelter

When on vacation, getting to stay in an unfamiliar hotel room, house, condo or cabin is part of the excitement. Whether it’s after a day of fun in the sun or a safe haven from sudden stormy weather, you always enjoy that feeling of having a place to come back to, your home away from home. You want the same feeling about your automobile insurance when driving to and from your destination. With the amount of automobiles on the road and the length of time spent driving, your risk of accident increases. If unclear about your coverage, make sure you speak with one of us here at Lisa Nickels Insurance Agency  and we’ll give you peace of mind before you set out.

Prepping your automobile for summer travel will give you peace of mind knowing it will get you there. Have a great vacation!