Keep Halloween a Treat

Keep Halloween a Treat

Many kids and their parents will take to the streets in a couple of weeks for Halloween trick-or-treating.

The fun level goes up (especially for the kiddos), but so does the danger.  The mix of the evening hours, costumes and the number of excited kids require a lot of parent patrol. Encountering strangers and eating food you haven’t bought also up the risk factor.

If you plan to take your child(ren) trick-or-treating, here’s a few helpful suggestions to think about ahead of time.

Seeing is Believing

Kids will enjoy seeing their friends and neighbors dressed up. Make sure they CAN see them by not letting their costume impair their vision. Also, plan to put reflective tape on their costume and/or Trick or Treat bag to make certain drivers (yes, you still may encounter vehicles driving through your neighborhood) can see them when crossing the street. Walk in groups and make sure all can hear you as well.

Look to the Light

Kids understand the formula. The more doors you knock on, the more candy you’ll receive. However, they may not understand some people do not participate and will not answer the door when they knock. To keep it friendly in the neighborhood and to make sure your kids don’t decide to continuously knock or ring a doorbell, make sure they know ahead of time to look for the homes with lights and/or decorations welcoming trick-or-treaters.

Treat Yourself

So, your kids hit the motherlode of candy and you’re back at your house. Make sure they know all the candy doesn’t go in their stomach that night. In fact, make sure they get to help divvy it up and store the majority of it for eating later after you’ve inspected it. You’ll thank yourself for keeping the sugar level at a reasonable amount before bedtime.

Halloween is a fun time. Make sure to keep it a treat for all involved.