Know Before You Reno

hammer-596160_960_720Home renovation seems more popular than ever these days. Whether you are inspired by the latest show on HGTV, YouTube renovation videos or your neighbor’s updated kitchen, it’s wise to consider the possible impact your home renovation will have on your insurance.Some renovations on your home can increase your home value.

If you sink a $20K into your new home kitchen, make sure you’ve contacted your insurance agent/broker to find out if you are carrying enough insurance to manage the worst-case insurance claim scenario.

So, whether it’s a converted home office you’re now using for business, a new swimming pool, or a new deck that will support 20 guests at your next pool party, KNOW BEFORE YOU RENO.Don’t get caught on the other side of an insurance claim and possibly put your insurability at risk by not disclosing your renovations in a wise and timely manner.

LNIA is here to help with your renovation questions as they relate to your insurance. Give us a call before you contact the contractor. Speaking of contractors, make sure they carry their own liability insurance!