Water You Going To Do, Main?


With fall a good time for home renovation, you might consider installing a new water faucet or appliance. If you’re the do-it-yourself type, you may or may not have experience doing this type of replacement and install.

Best laid plans aside, sometimes things go wrong. And when things go wrong, you definitely don’t want it to involve your plumbing in the form of a water leak.

To keep water from ruining your repair, replacement or renovation, know how to control your water supply.

If you’re replacing your toilet, sink/faucet, clothes washer, or tub, you should find shut off valves near each (look for the flexible tubing and turn to the off position). Take precaution a step further and turn off the water shut-off valve (you can find it on your home inspection report).

But to take it a step further if the previous options don’t work, cut the water supply to your house by turning off the water main.

Here’s a helpful video from Mr. Rooter on how to do this.

Some home renovations, especially those involving water, require your time, attention, and commitment to detail to get the job done right. Make certain you don’t add on the difficulty of trying to repair water damage as a result of not taking preventative steps.

When in doubt, shut it off.